A Thought about My First Sewing Machine

Actually, sewing was not my real hobby. Needles, threads and fabrics are a little bit complicated to be arranged for a freelance writer like me, but unfortunately, I have to learn more about them for my another profession as a housewife. I need to repair my daughter’s socks and my husband’s favorite T-shirt, which is always torn! At first, I thought that everything will be stay alright if I spend a few money to buy another one. Unpredictable, when I count on the “few” money at the fifth or sixth time, it was equal with a brand new smartphone that I need! Well, the new journey about sewing was started here..

At first, I learn how to sew by hand. Yes, it was the easiest way I could do at least in my mind. Put a threat going through a needle point like this, stick it to the fabric just like that and… Pow! I never imagine that this would be a disaster. I could not even make a straight line on the fabric. It was very difficult for me. The line I have made on the fabric looks like an ants colony passed through a wavy leaf. How could this happened? Then I remember about some videos about hand sewing on internet. OK, let’s see!

The first sewing lesson from the video is: never pull up the needle excessively to get a smooth flat cloth. Fine, I know why I got the previous wavy leaf then. The second, if you want to repair your cloth by hand sewing, just make sure that you can do it slowly and be carefully. Hmm, just pretend that I can do it. The third, you need to spend your time more for hand sewing. Remember, you are using your hand, not a sewing machine. The forth…

I couldn’t read the next instruction about it. Suddenly I felt a headache. Then I turned off the video and logged out from my search engine. I closed my eyes and imagined the precious seconds which I have lost. I talked to myself, “Are you sure that you have a leisure time to do all of this messy? Hand sewing? What about sewing machine?” Aha! I take a consideration about sewing machine. Hopefully it will be better for me to save time and money. Then I open my eyes and searched on the internet again to get a bundle of information about the best sewing machine on those online stores.

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