Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for any Budget

Valentine’s Day is all about making that special someone feel just that – special. Perhaps you feel overwhelmed by the pressure this day brings and want to bring you’re a-game, or perhaps you think it’s a silly holiday that just screams cliché. Whatever your attitude towards the holiday of love, we have all the tips you need for the best Valentine’s Day gifts of all different magnitudes and price ranges.


If you don’t want to make a big deal about Valentine’s Day or if you’ve just met the person you’re spending it with, a small gift is more than enough. A little box of chocolate, some flowers, candles or just a card with a few cute sentences is a good idea. Breakfast in bed or a home cooked dinner can never go wrong either!

For a medium budget, look for something cozy to warm up the cold month of February. A blanket, a bathrobe or sheets in a luxurious material are romantic gifts that are actually useful and not too cliché. If you’re looking for something even more personal, a photo album with pictures from your time together will be greatly appreciated by any partner. Or schedule a couple’s massage and a day at the spa to spend a full romantic day together.

Perhaps you were thinking of going really big this year? A nice piece of jewelry is a classic that always works, or a new watch. Surprising your partner with flight tickets for a trip together is also one of the most romantic and fun gifts you can give away. For tired parents, it is always nice to get a baby sitter, order a cleaning service and surprise your spouse with a full day of activities or relaxation away from home.

Finally, remember that whatever you decide to give your partner, the most important thing is that you put in some effort!

Thank You Notes, Long Walks & Fridays

Happy Friday Everyone!

I am so glad that it’s finally the weekend! I’m not sure why, but this week felt super long for some reason. Maybe it’s because all last week I was on vacation?

Lake Walk

Last night before dinner, Matteo and I had the urge to get outside and do something. I’ll admit that I haven’t been all that active this week, so I had the itch to get out there, and get moving. I was feeling slightly tired, so a run was not in order, but a nice 3.1 mile walk around the local lake sounded like a nice alternative.


It took us about 45 minutes, and despite all of the pesky bugs, we did feel refreshed after.

I felt bad for not taking Santo with us, but I had literally just fed him, and considering his tendency to get car sick, I was not about to upset the poor little guys digestion. Anyone else’s dog hate the car?


This morning’s breakfast was a cup of plan Chobani yogurt, with some ground flax-seed, almond halves, and pumpkin seeds mixed in.

It hit the spot as it always does! ;-)

Thank You Notes

Last night I was thrilled when I found this little envelope in my mailbox.

The people at Orange Leaf are so sweet and sent me a giftcard for some free fro-yo at my favorite place! Thank you notes are such small acts of kindness, that I think are often looked over too much. It takes about 5 seconds to write a nice little note expressing your gratitude for something, and it can make someone feel appreciated!

I try to remember to write thank you notes, but I’ll admit that sometimes it slips my mind. A lot of the times its just easier to send and e-mail, Facebook or Twitter message, but to me there is just something special about an old fashioned hand written thank you note! Thanks Orange Leaf for the giftcard and the thank you note! :)


Have a GREAT weekend!

How often do you write thank you notes?