My son used one of serviced offices in Hong Kong

We were in India back then, and my son joined this leading construction business in that country. Soon he rose in ranks, and was asked to go to Hong Kong for buying some of the construction equipment and technology. The assignment would last well over an year. The company he works for did not have any office in Hong Kong. My son was left wondering how he would manage without an office there. Moreover, he needed a few employees under him. Because my son also looks after his company’s operations in Dubai, he would be shuttling between Hong Kong, New Delhi, and Dubai. He could be receiving important communication in the meanwhile. at Hong Kong. He asked my husband for advise, and my husband suggested that he look for Hong Kong serviced offices before leaving India.

My son did that, and got a couple of quotations too. He finalized one of them without even looking at the office, which is not something I would have done. When he arrived in Hong Kong, the serviced office management had sent somebody to receive him at the airport and take him to the office. It was not large or impressive. But it was enough for the purpose for which it was to be used. My son was introduced to some of the employees out there. He says he no longer meets them regularly. However, he is in regular touch with them. My son also finds his office clean and tidy every morning. Everything he needs at the office, he orders on intercom. When he reaches his office, there are documents waiting on his table neatly classified as these need immediate attention. Even filing of documents is completed each day. The assignment was supposed to last for an year or so. Its been almost 5 years since he was sent there. My son is seriously contemplating starting his own serviced offices business in Hong Kong.

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